“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn.

Yes, Paris is always a good idea, but in my opinion, it’s a wonderful idea to experience Paris in the Summer !

Summer is a very nice time for visiting Paris, (though there’s never a bad time to come to Paris !).  Paris seems relaxed, playful, less stressed. It’s a time for open-air events such as the “Fête de la Musique” (June 21st), the fireworks on Bastille day (July 14th), beaches along the Seine. Since many Parisians are gone (on holidays). Paris is uncrowded and the atmosphere relaxed. The perfect time for Paris lovers (Parisian and visitors Paris lovers), the perfect time to sit out on the terraces of cafes and watch the world go by, time to walk along the river Seine, to hear the birds singing.

Yes many Parisians have gone on holidays (especially from mid July to mid August, but still, many Parisians choose and love to stay in Paris during this period of time, the perfect time for Paris lovers, the perfect time to walk in quieter streets, to discover Paris’architecture, Paris’s parks, the banks of the river Seine… It’s even more enjoyable to walk in this very walkable city (!) and the relaxed atmosphere makes Paris even more beautiful during July and August !  And you can get on the Metro without being pushed, cycle in the city.  It’s definitely my favorite time in Paris. I’d love to live in in Paris during August all year long.