The Sainte Chapelle, a Gothic gem


The Sainte Chapelle : 

a hidden and magical gem of Gothic style (13th century)

It is renowned for its stunning stain-glass windows. It was designated world heritage site by UNESCO.

Surely among the top best sites to visit when you are coming to Paris.

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The Sainte Chapelle is located on la Cité Island  (Ile de la Cité) between the 2 banks of the Seine.

It’s a short walk from Notre Dame (400 meters) and 200 meters from Saint Michel Metro stop, inside the courtyard of the Palais de Justice. The entrance is on the left side of the Palais de Justice’s entrance

Some History

It was Royal chapel commissioned by King Saint Louis (Louis IX) in order to receive the relics of Christ’s Passion, including the Crown of Thorns. The King wanted to make Paris the second Christian capital in the world

Saint Louis

It took 6 years to build, between 1242 and 1248. It was consecrated in 1248, just 3 years after the towers of Notre Dame were completed. It’s one of the finest examples of high gothic architecture.

The upper Chapel

The Sainte Chapelle was damaged during the French Revolution in the Late 18th century. It was restored later in the 19th century but most of the original 13th century stain-glass windows are the original ones.

Since the revolution, the chapel no longer holds any of the relics of the Christ’s passion. They were moved to Notre Dame Cathedral’s treasury where they are still now. 

The Holy relics of the Passion of the Christ and the Crown of Thorns: 

They were offered to Louis IX, king of France by the Latin Emperor of Constantinople in 1238. The Saint Chapelle was built in order to receive it. The relics stayed during 500 years in the Sainte Chapelle until the French Revolution. Then it was deposited in Notre Dame de Paris. The relic can be seen on the first Friday of every month at 3pm. It includes a piece of the Cross along with the Holy Crown of Thorns

The upper Chapel

The Chapel has 2 levels : A lower and a upper chapel :I

t’s a quite small church divided into a lower and a upper chapel. Though both are beautiful, the most beautiful is the upper chapel.


The lower chapel is devoted to the Virgin Mary. This floor was the place of worship of the Palace personnel. A quite dark chapel. A blue ceiling decorated with golden fleur-de-lis (the royal symbol). It was the place for the palace staff and the king’s household.

The upper chapel : Only the king and his entourage had access to this floor

  • You get to the upper Chapel through a spiral staircase from the lower chapel.
  • The stained glass windows are 15 meters high from the floor to the ceiling. Their red and blue colors  are just amazing. Even more on a sunny day.
  • Two third of them are the original ones, dating from the 13th century.
  • They are made of 1113 biblical scenes that tell the history of mankind from Genesis to the resurrection of Christ.
  • A large rose window was added to the chapel in the late 15th centruy
  • The blue ceiling decorated with golden stars
  • In the choir, the empty shrine once contained the relics of the Passion of Christ.

Video of the Sainte Chapelle

Practical details :

  • Address : 8 boulevard du Palais – Paris 1  Metro Stop : La Cité (line 4) then 100 meters  walk or  Metro stop Saint Michel, then 200 meters walk
The Sainte Chapelle and the Palais de Justice, in the background

WARNING : The chapel is closed between 1 and 2 pm during the week

My advice :

  • Don’t miss going upstairs to the upper level, as this is the most beautiful part of this chapel : when you enter the lower chapel the staircases are immediately on the left and right sides. Narrow and winding stairs to climb. It may be difficult for some persons though this staircases are quite short.
  • Sainte Chapelle can be a little hard to find.  
    • The entrance to Sainte Chapelle is to the left of the Palais de Justice and its gilded iron gates. It is just next to the Justice Palace. It is a bit hidden from view inside the courtyard of the Palais de Justice. but you’ll find signs to guide you. But you may not see the sighs…
  • I would recommend visiting at the opening:
    • in the morning or in the afternoon to avoid the crowd as much as possible, especially at Summertime.
    • And if possible on a sunny day. But if it’s not sunny, it is still beautiful and worth it (the day I took the photos and videos was not a sunny day !)
  • Better buy your tickets on line : you’ll probably still have to wait in line, but for a shorter time and you will still have to go through the security check as for every visitor, But with your tickets booked in advance you may save time.
  • You can visit it under 1 hour.
  • Make sure to wear a coat or a jumper inside as it’s often a bit cold inside

You can combine your visit with….

  • with a Ann Jeanne in Paris Private tour in the Latin Quarter or in Saint Germain des Prés neighborhoods. I can pick you up at the end of your visit at the Sainte Chapelle, then we’ll stroll through the streets of one of these neighborhood where i’ll be delighted to share my favorite places with you.                                 More details about AJIP private tours               CONTACT
AJIP Private tour
AJIP Private tours in Saint Germain des Prés or the Latin Quarter after your visit at the Sainte Chapelle
  • with a visit of Notre Dame (400 meters walk from the Sainte Chapelle) Choose a visit at the opening time to avoid waiting to much.
  • with a visit of the Flower Market, located on La Cité Island too, a stone throw from the Saint Chapelle
The Flower Market
Cafe des 2 Palais in front of the Sainte Chapelle
Cafe des 2 Palais in front of the Sainte Chapelle

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