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Anne in Paris

Hello, I am Anne Jeanne, a true Parisian, born and raised in the charming 14th arrondissement. Paris has always been my home, a place that has shaped my memories, my passions, and my walks. I created “Ann Jeanne in Paris” to share with you my love for this historical and enchanting city, through stories that have cradled my life.

My Story, My Paris

Paris and I, it’s a long love story.

I grew up exploring its streets, uncovering its secrets, and being imbued with its rich history and culture. My grandparents, who, at a very young age, migrated from Brittany to Paris, passed on their love for this city to my parents, and in turn, they have conveyed it to me.

I studied at the Sorbonne, explored every corner of the city.

Every street, every building has a story to tell. I am eager to share these stories with you, making you discover the Paris that lives in my heart.

Gallery - My Favorite Moments in Paris

I invite you to explore my gallery, where each photo tells a story, captures a moment, or immortalizes a place dear to my heart. These images are windows onto my Paris, and I hope they inspire you and give you a glimpse of what awaits you on your own Parisian adventure. I studied at the Sorbonne, explored every corner of the city, and every street, every building has its own personal story to tell. 

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I’m delighted to offer you a range of services designed to enrich your stay in Paris. I can help you plan your visit, or you can discover Paris through my unique photos and exclusive articles. Every moment is designed to let you experience my city in an authentic and intimate way.

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