Paris night cruise

pa160025-1A Paris night cruise

A cruise on the Seine by day or by night  is a great way to discover Paris

But  a cruise at night is particularly charming. Probably a must-do during your stay in Paris.

The monuments are illuminated along the Seine. A way to see Paris differently.


  • There are several companies that provide similar tours along the river Seine
  • Most of the cruises start nearby the Eiffel Tower  (though the Vedettes du Pont Neuf start from the Cité Island not far from Notre Dame). They generally  start and end at the same point

I generally choose either the Vedettes du Pont Neuf or the Batobus,

which in my opinion, are the most easy and simple ways to discover Paris along the Seine.


The Vedettes du Pont Neuf :

I often choose the Vedettes du Pont Neuf :

  • because it is almost the only company who starts from the center of Paris.
  • the boats are not too big and the cruise is not too long.

    Vedettes du Pont Neuf’s itinerary
  • The boats pass along many beautiful monuments of Paris such as  Le Louvre, the Cathedral of Notre dame, the Eiffel Tower, Alexandre III bridge, the Pont Neuf, The Musée d’orsay, …and more.  Without any stop.
  • The cruise is commented.


The Batobus :

  • They are hop-on/hop-off boats 
  • They make a circuit with separate stops near major tourist destinations.
  • Though it’s not intended for a sighteseeing cruise, but in my opinion it’s similar to it.Good points :
  • You can choose your point of departure : Saint germain des prés, Notre Dame, Jardin des plantes, Hôtel de Ville,  Louvre,
    Batobus ‘ itinerary

    Champs Elysées, Eiffel Tower or Musée d’orsayYou can leave at each stop whever you want `

  • You leave the Batobus then take it again later during the same day (if you’ve booked a one day ticket) (Unlimited transportation for an entire day).
  • Bad point : The tour lasts longer (than the Vedette du Pont Neuf tour)  as it stops several times and the itinerary is longer than the Vedettes du Pont Neuf’s itinerary . So, if you want to do the entire tour, it will take about 2 hours, instead of 1 hour with the Vedettes du Pont Neuf.

Note that there are not a lot of commentaries, but there is still some.

Experience a Paris night cruise watching my video !  

Alexandre III Bridge









Experience Paris, with Ann Jeanne in Paris, native Parisian :

Anne à Montsouris - Format original-2637
Ann Jeanne at Montsouris neighborhood

You’d like visit Paris, but you don’t feel having a tour with a group ?

You ‘d like to feel welcome in Paris, whether you’re coming alone or not

You’d like to get a real feel of an authentic Paris, the Paris of the Parisians and get full of tips from a native ?

You’d like to see Paris in another perspective and to know more about Paris and Parisians’s life and culture ?


  • I’d be delighted to welcome you and share “my” Paris with you. And Paris will be “your” city too 
  • The tours are private (with you only or you and the person you choose), at your pace and customized according to your wishes and interests
  • For more details : “Ann Jeanne in Paris” tours, Booking and Pricing
    All the tours can be customized
    Feel free to contact me

Practical details 

  • Vedettes du Pont Neuf :
A Vedette du Pont Neuf
  • Departure : about every ½ hour
  • from 10.30am to around 10pm (check the departures schedule on their website as they are different according to the period of the year)
  • The tickets can be booked on line, but generally it’s easy to buy the ticket at the counter. They are available for a year
  • The price : 14 euros

Address :Vedettes du Pont Neuf – Square du Vert Galant – 75001 Paris – France

Tel: +33 (0) 1 46 33 98 38     E -mail:

The Vedettes du Pont Neuf’s departure


Price :

  • 17 euros for One day
  • 19 euros for 2 following days

My request  Have you taken a Seine cruise during a trip to Paris ? If so, please tell my about your Seine river cruise experience. Let me know what company you chose and  your feedback . Thank you !

Le Louvre
Notre Dame




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  1. I have taken the evening cruise at two different times during summer visits I have also taken the champagne cruise around Christmas time a year ago both are amazing and I would do them again.

  2. Thank you Patricia for your message. Yes a night cruise with champagne is a wonderful experience too 🙂 Wish you a nice Sunday – Ann Jeanne

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