Opera by Georges stein

Façade Opéra Garnier

L’Opéra Garnier : a real gem in the art of Paris. A world of elegance beyond beautiful. A breathtaking and opulent Neo-Baroque decor. Definitely worth a visit.

It’s located in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris and most of the time referred to as the Opéra Garnier, named after its architect, Charles Garnier. It’s also called Palais Garnier. It’s an essential spot for the city’s ballet and a classical music scene.

Opera by Georges stein

But you can visit it without attending a performance.

Not only a theatre, but also a museum at the same time. And a Chagall lovers Paradise 









One of the most famous opera houses in the world. It was a part of the renovation works in the capital, during the Second Empire (1852-1870), commissioned by Napoleon III and carried out by Baron Haussmann. Designed by the architect Charles Garnier and built between 1861 and 1875 .


It is a building of exceptional opulence, one of the most extravagant representations of Second Empire architecture in France.

It was primarily the home of the Paris Opera until 1989, when the Opéra Bastille opened (on the Place de la Bastille). Since then the Palais Garnier is mainly used for ballets, but it still hosts operas, and concerts too.


Rehearsal – by Degas


Outside :  the exterior is decorated with marble friezes, columns and statues from Greek mythology.

Inside : a Baroque style interior. heavy with gold and marble, opulent chandeliers, mosaics, paintings and mirrors in the Grand Foyer.



The grand staircase (= Le Grand Escalier) :

The double spiral staircase is made of white Italian marble, with a balustrade of green marble from Sweden and red marble.



Inauguration of the Paris Opera in 1875 (Édouard Detaille, 1878)


The Grand Foyer (= The Main Hall)

It is dedicated to allegorical muses. A hall 18 meters high, 154 meters long and 13 meters wide. It was openly inspired by the Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors.

Le Grand Foyer


The Concert Hall : An impressive stage and theatre space…It can seat over 1900 people. It’s the largest in Europe. 1200 red velvet armchairs and gold-plated wood panelling. The access is sometimes unavailable due to technical or artistic reasons.

A ceiling created by Chagall and a 7 tonnes chandelier

A painting created by Chagall

A painting created by Chagall

A huge 7 tonnes chandelier of pure bronze and crystal hangs from the centre of the ceiling.  The celling was created by Chagall in 1963. It’s a 220 m2 painting.  Chagall lovers must see this ceiling of the main performance hall.



My advice

On the day of your visit to the Opéra Garnier you can go to : 

  • the Galeries Lafayette or the Printemps. Both have a rooftop terrace where you can both relax and enjoy a spectacular view.
  • a break (for a drink or a meal) in Le Café de la Paix, a famous Belle Epoque cafe, opened since 1862. A place for meetings in Paris under the Second Empire. It’s located nearby the Opera . 5 place de l’Opera
  • It’s very difficult to get tickets for a performance : the priority is given to subscribers for the year. You’ve got to book a long time in advance. www.operadeparis.fr/en

Useful informations

  • Peinture de L'opéra à la Belle epoque

    The Opera at La Belle Epoque

    Address : Place de L’Opera – Paris 9 – Metro Stop : Opera (line 3,7, 8) Buses : 21, 68

  • Visit : www.operadeparis.fr
    • Every day from 10am to 5pm (last admission at 4.30pm)
    • Mid-July to September inclusive : 10am to 5.30pm except on days of performances (10am to 1pm)
    • Closed on the 1st of January, and 1st of May and for exceptional events. 
  • Purchasing tickets :
    • At the Palais Garnier ticket desks or on line www.operadeparis.fr/en/practical-informations/access-opening-times-and-contacts/times-and-contact-details/bookings-visits-to-the-palais-garnier
    • Full rate : 11 euros. Audioguides available : 5 euros 1 hour
  • In Opera Garnier : 
    • A bookshop and a gift shop  boutique.operadeparis.fr/en/
    • A restaurant : the “Opera Restaurant”. 
  • Guide tours : there are guided tours in english : 
    • Visit with a Palais Garnier guide : Information on 08 25 05 44 05

  • Performances : tickets must be booked extremely in advance : they sell out very quickly


Ann Jeanne

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  • You’d like to discover Paris off the beaten path ?
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Montsouris Park : one of the 4 largest parks in Paris


Montsouris Park

Montsouris Park is one of the 4 largest Paris parks* created by Emperor Napoleon III and his Prefect, Baron Haussmann, at each of the cardinal points of the compass around the city.

Montsouris Park opened in 1869. This park is designed like an English landscape garden.




It’s more than 1400 trees, lots of birds, as swans and ducks. More than 35 acres. This park contains a lake, a cascade. It’s home to a rLocation of Montsouris Parkestaurant a café and a guignol theater.

It’s a very charming place to come for a promenade, for reading, relaxing, running…

(* This 4 Paris parks are :  the Parc des Buttes  Chaumont (North East of the city), the Bois de Vincennes (East), the Bois de Boulogne (West of the city) and the Montsouris Park (south))









The Pavillon Montsouris

In the Montsouris Park, a restaurant, the ” Pavillon Montsouris “ : built in the end of 19th century, for the 1892 Universal Exhibition. Its style is a Belle Epoque style and is a listed Historical Monument. Many renown people used to come there : Braque, Le Douanier Rousseau, Fujita, Jouvet, Carné (film maker), Prévert (French poet), Ionesco, Yourcenar (Writer), J.P. Sartre, S. de Beauvoir…Some of them used to live nearby. On the tour, I ‘ll show you their houses (Braque, Fujita…etc)



More photos : 




Poem by Jacques Prévert (about the Parc Montsouris)

Jacques Prévert

Jacques Prévert  (French Poet 1900-1977)

The garden

Millions and millions of years
Would not suffice
To speak of
The little second of eternity
When you kissed me
When I kissed you
One morning in the winter sunlight
In Montsouris Park in Paris
On the Earth
The Earth that is a star.

                                                Jacques Prévert (1900 – 1977)

         Le Jardin (=The garden)

« Des milliers et des milliers d’années

Ne sauraient suffire
Pour dire la petite seconde d’éternité

Où tu m’as embrassé

Où je t’ai embrassé

Un matin dans la lumière de l’hiver
       Au parc Montsouris à Paris

 À Paris
Sur la terre
    La terre qui est un astre. »

My advice :

  • You ‘ll enjoy the Montsouris Park if you like large green spaces and if you’ve already seen the major high spots of Paris.
  • During Summertime, choose to come if possible during the week days. It will much more peaceful. 
  • You can take a break (a light meal or a drink) in the Cafe “Chinchin” located on the north edge of the Park. (at the corner of Rue Nansouty and Avenue Reille)
  • You can either choose to have a crêpe at the small and very simple café in one of the paths of the park (but it’s a very simple place. Not a real cafe. Just some tables and chairs)

Practical details

  • 2 main entrances :
    1. Corner of Gazan and Nansouty streets
    2. Corner of Gazan and Reille streets (At the end of Avenue René Coty)
  • Pavillon Montsouris – 20, rue Gazan  – 75014 Paris           www.pavillon-montsouris.com
  • Nearby the park : 
    • Remains of the Roman time : a piece of an aqueduc
    • Cobblestone alley ways with nice houses
    • Art Deco buildings by renown architects (Perret, Lurçat..) Also a Le Corbusier building. 
    • Places where many artists used to live in the 1930s

(An article about Montsouris neighborhood coming soon)


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Anne à Montsouris –


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