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The “other” Latin Quarter

THE SOUTH EAST OF THE LATIN QUARTER : the Latin Quarter OFF THE BEATEN TRACK …where Parisians love to go, where visitors rarely go… If you like wandering off the...

DALIDA, a French icon

Dalida, a diva and a fashion icon. A major exhibition is dedicated to Dalida at Palais Galliera. One of the main squares in Montmartre has been named after her. For many, Dalida is a myth, a legend, a diva. She sold more than 170 million albums worldwide. However her private life has often been tragic.

What’s new, Paris ? (April 2017)

"What's new, Paris ?" is my new rubric :-) Every now and then, I'll pick up a few new things in Paris and will give you a few details about them... and my feedback ! Today... ? Please read my article :-)

Magical winter in Paris (videos at the bottom of the article)

I love Paris in the winter, when it drizzles… (Cole Porter) Paris is lovely in Winter, sometimes chilly, but it's a festive season with something magical.

Paris night cruise

A Paris night cruise is an enchanting way to discover Paris. Probably must-do during your stay in Paris...

Angelina tea house and its iconic Hot Chocolate

Why the Angelina's hot chocolate so special ? Read more about L'Africain (Angelina's hot chocolate) and the story of Angelina (videos and photos)

Chapel of our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

I thought that you, my Facebook friends, fans, subscribers and visitors to Paris may be interested in this Chapel, especially if you’re Catholic  : 2 million people from all over the world visit this chapel...

Letter for my FB friends and fans :-)

Dear FB friends and fans, I’m not used to write you such a long message… So If you’ve got a few minutes to read it, I’d be grateful to you. Please, click on the image to read it . This letter is on my blog too, in case you'd prefer to read it later !

The Lost Generation in the spotlight in Paris

In the spotlight in my bookshop : books about the Lost Generation. A list of this books and more photos and details in my article

Saint Jacques Tower : an amazing tower in the heart of Paris

An amazing tower with an amazing History and a wonderful view over Paris - Read the article for more photos and details

13th of November 2015

My latest post of my " Ann Jeanne in Paris " blog, with : videos, images, pics as tributes to the victims, to Paris and to France, after the terrorists attacks of the 13th of November.