My 15 French films suggestion

This is a subjective list of 15 films I particularly liked or loved. 15 films shot since 1990 As you know already, I am French. And one says that French films are boring... Thus, if you think that those films are boring , I must be very very French...!!!!!!!! But I hope I'm not too boring...!!! Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy some of the films mentionned in this list If you've already watched some of them or when you've seen some after reading this article, I'd enjoy hearing about your appreciation and your feelings

DALIDA, a French icon

Dalida, a diva and a fashion icon. A major exhibition is dedicated to Dalida at Palais Galliera. One of the main squares in Montmartre has been named after her. For many, Dalida is a myth, a legend, a diva. She sold more than 170 million albums worldwide. However her private life has often been tragic.

The Lost Generation in the spotlight in Paris

In the spotlight in my bookshop : books about the Lost Generation. A list of this books and more photos and details in my article

Aligre and Bastille outdoor markets

Aligre and Bastille outdoor market : two wonderful markets to discover during your stay in Paris

Audrey Hepburn and Paris

Audrey Hepburn and Paris ? Yes, Audrey Hepburn loved going to Angelina tearoom in Paris. CLICK on the photo to know more : Text, photos and videos by "Ann Jeanne in Paris"

Summertime in Paris (by “Ann Jeanne in Paris”)

“Paris is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn. Yes, Paris is always a good idea, but in my opinion, it’s a wonderful idea to experience Paris in the Summer...

“La grande Epicerie” de Paris : the gourmet temple

La Grande Epicerie de Paris : the gourmet temple La Grande Epicerie is a part of «Le Bon Marché », the oldest Paris’ department store (first opened in 1852).

MIDNIGHT in PARIS, the movie

Know more about "Midnight in Paris", the movie and Paris, the City of Light

AMELIE, the movie.

"Amélie", a movie set in Montmartre... Joyful, entertaining, charming, creative, with the unforgettable Yann Tiersen music and as much unforgettable "balades"i n Montmartre area