amoureux_de_peynetLes Amoureux de Peynet are French iconic characters who symbolise LOVE. The 2 characters : the little poet, with a bowler hat and his lady friend. They express love and peace and a sweet and romantic message. are often accompanied with small birds evocating peace and liberty, and smal

Raymon PeynetRaymond Peynet :

« Les Amoureux de Peynet » were created by Raymond Peynet, a French artist and designer, born in Paris in 1908 (died 1999).  Notice that he was married to Denise Damour, whose family name DAMOUR was most appropriate !

Some history :

In 1942, while on a visit to Valence (a city in south-east of France – Drome department), Raymond Peynet was inspired by a beautiful bandstand* in the early morning light. He Raymond_Peynet_les_amoureux_aux_colombessat on a bench and started Timbre Peynet 800_600_757drawing. That’s how he created his two characters : a young violonist playing in the bandstand and a young girl listening to him with great admiration.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the lovers grew in popularity and appeared everywhere (magazines, advertising, film studios, record covers, postcards, postage stamps, jewellery…The image of the Peynet lovers has been stamped on anything symbolising love

The popularity of the lovers of Peynet crossed French borders. From the 70s, Peynet shared his time between Paris and the South of France, near Antibes.



More informations

  • The artist official site : www.peynet.com
  • Shop on line : www.peynet-shop.com  : where one can find all kinds of derivative products of works of Raymond Peynet.
  • Valentine’s day (=La Saint Valentin » in French), on February 14th is a celebration of love for couples from many countries around the world. In France many couples celebrate Valentine’s Day every year.“Happy Valentine’s day” : “Joyeuse Saint Valentin”.


    The bandstand in Valence

  • The bandstand, located in Valence (France) is now classified historic monument since 1982 and called « The nadstand of the lovers of Peynet »
  • Four museums dedicated to Peynet and his work :
    • The Museum of Love : Place Nationale – 06600 Antibes  
Tel : 04 92 90 54 30
Fax : 04 92 90 54 31
    • Museum,  2, cours Jean Moulin – 63570 Brassac les Mines – 
Tel : 04 73 54 30 88
Fax : 04 73 54 31 67 (Mairie)
    • The Karuizawa Museum (about 150 km from Tokyo) – Taliesin 
217 Shiozawa Kokaruizawa-Machikita-Saku-Gunnagano 389-0111 Japan  www.karuizawataliesin.com
    • Mimasaka Musée Peynet
Sakuto Biijutsukan
 N° 945, Emi, Mimasaka-shi
 Okayama-Ken 709-4234 Japan
  • Valence : Here is a wonderful video to know more about the city of  Valence. Don’t miss it !

  • Valence : a city in south-east of France – Drome department.Valence - Carte

https://youtu.be/fMgA0UuFDZo Les Amoureux de Peynet