Follow me in Montmartre village !

And maybe in person on your next visit to Paris… ! 


The Sacré Coeur of Montmartre

I am a native who loves her city. I’d be delighted to welcome you in person and share my Montmartre with you, off the beaten track, discovering all the best spots of the village often missed by visitors and the most famous spots of the village too (Place du Tertre and the Sacré Coeur)
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Please, keep an eye on this page : The next videos filmed in Montmartre at night will be added to this page (except the Iphone live videos because of their lower quality)

Montmartre at night : Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Part 1 : Climbing up to the top of the hill

Part 2 : Walking the streets of Montmartre, cafés and shops

Part 3 : In a cafe of Montmartre



Ann Jeanne in Paris

A few words about Ann Jeanne Private walks : 

A welcoming and friendly walk . Not a traditional guided tour, not a tour operator, but an encounter and a cross cultural experience too.

I accompany you, share the Paris I love with you, at your pace. Each tour can be focused on your interests. We go to places visitors often miss and to the  famous spots too.  Our walk includes a break in a very Parisian cafe. 

Ann Jeanne in Paris’ private tours are designed for one or two persons for a friendly and personal experience of Paris. I was born and raised in Paris. And Paris is city where I live.

The Montmartre tour requires a bit more than half a day (about 4 hours)

More details about Ann Jeanne Paris tours Don’t hesitate to contact me

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