Gil in Midnight in Paris – Dreaming in a café on the left bank

What’s the situation regarding the pandemic ? 

I wrote this article following several comments on my FB page (Ann Jeanne in Paris) and several personal messages, asking what the situation in Paris was. 


Yours truly – Photo taken in Summer 2019

Reminder :

In France, a strict lockdown started mid-March, a few weeks after the 1st reported case in France. Residents could go out for essential needs only, and they had to carry a written document explaining why they had to go out. Daily walks were restricted to one km from home. Public services and essential businesses remained open. Parks were closed

And if you’d like to get some information and details about travel restrictions, here is an article on the official website of the French government : For information from the French Government about COVID-19 visit CLICK HERE

Most recent measures  (November 2020):

The circulation of the virus had slowed down, but the lockdown continues. The French government decided the ending of the lockdown would evolve in 3 stages. 

And today (12/3/2020), the government spoke about a vaccine which might be available in France in early 2021

1st step : from Saturday November 28 

  • Shops were allowed to reopen and the Christmas lights are on in Paris ,  despite of  the unusual situation. In shops, only a limited number of clients is allowed : 1 client for every 8 square meters of shop floor. And the shops are also allowed to stay opened until 9pm
  • However, as cafés and restaurants are places where people can’t wear a mask, they must stay closed at least until January 20
  • An attestation is still needed for every trip outside
  • Every one must limit one’s trips within a 20 km perimeter around the house. And each trip mustn’t last more than 3 hours time
  • Museums, theaters, cinemas are closed
  • No sport activities are allowed in enclosed places
  • People must continue to work from home as much as possible
  • Ski holiday resorts will have to stay closed
  • International travel is only permitted for essential reasons 
  • Parks stay opened

2d step : from December 15  

Other measures are planned if health conditions are met

  • No more attestation will be needed,
  • but a curfew from 9pm to 7 am will replace it (except on Dec 24th and 31st)
  • Travel  between regions of France will be permitted 
  • Cinemas, theater, and museums will be allowed to reopen
  • French should be allowed to travel to other EU countries although each country will be able to decide their own rules. 
  • France should follow EU guidelines on when to reopen the borders to non European travelers

3d step : from January 20  (still if health conditions are met)

  • Cafés and restaurant should be able to reopen
  • Students should be able to study in Universities
  • The curfew should be lifted

At the bottom the this page : the previous measures taken since the beginning of the pandemic 


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Place Saint Médard

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Below : the previous measures that were taken since the beginning of the pandemic 

Late August 2020

At the end of August 2020, unfortunately, new  cases of Covid rose in France, although the number of patients in Intensive care had not risen much. The “Direction Générale de la Santé” (= Health authorities), warned : “The viral circulation is clearly increasing in France”. The levels were comparable with the end of lockdown.

Several French departments reported more and more infections (map august 25).  11 departments including Paris were put in red area (Actually in dark blue on the map below !).

2020-08-27 -Carte France des zone pandémie France

The prefects of these departments could take action to limit the spread of the epidemic such as closing some public places like bars, restaurants, show venues, museums.

From late August :

  • French government and the city of Paris decided that face masks were mandatory from Friday 8/28/2020  in the entire city of Paris. From the 1st of September, workers had to wear a mask in workplaces
  • From August 22, the Paris’ Police prefecture banned any gathering or demonstration over 10 people if barrier gestures and distancing cannot be observed.
  • From the 1st of September, workers will have to wear a mask in workplaces.
  • If people didn’t wear a mask when it was compulsory, they risked a 135 euros fine.

From early May (= end of 1st lockdown) until August 27 


Place des Vosges – August 2020

  •  In Paris, from August 10, masks were mandatory on public transport and indoor public places  for people aged 11 and over. Many major cities, alike Paris, extended the national law making masks mandatory in some streets. In several cities wearing masks was mandatory in the entire city, like Toulouse (South-West of France) since the 21st of August or Nice (Cote d’Azur, South coast of France)
  • Parks and gardens reopened beginning of June.
  • Many cultural and leisure venues  reopened: with exceptional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus : online ticket purchase recommended, limited number of visitors, face masks are required, respect of the social distancing, Cinemas are opened (cinemas since the 22d of June)
  • But the reopening of several places were delayed such as Carnavalet museum, Palais Galliera, Victor Hugo’s house. Le Grand Rex (the biggest movie theater in Europe) had to close a large part of August.
  • And some events were cancelled and sometime postponed to 2021, such as the Marathon de Paris 2020
  • The Eiffel tower reopened on June 2d,
  • Opera Bastille had displayed portraits of 500 health caregivers on its façade to thank them.
  • The boats that cruise the Seine had to limit the number of passengers on board and reduced the number of tours within the day, especially during weekdays
  • Schools, universities : children and students went back to school observing more distancing and facemasks will be mandatory

If you’d like to get some information and details about travel restrictions dedicated to Foreign national in France, here is an article on the official website of the French government : For information from the French Government about COVID-19 visit CLICK HERE

At that time (summer 2020), what did the experts were thinking ?


A café near my home, where I use to go regularly

At that time, some experts said that there could be a second coronavirus wave in France in the Fall or the Winter.  So French government considers that local lockdown could then be decided. In that case, we would have to limit one’s trips within a 100 km perimeter around the house and we could not be able to leave the department we live in, exactly as it was back in March. Some places (such as cafés) where people traditionally meet, could have to close.

In August, British government required quarantine for visitors from France. And Germany very recently advised not to visit Paris and the Cote d’Azur except for imperative reasons


Yours truly – photo Summer 2019

General rules since the beginning of the pandemic


  • In most places: contactless payment for an amount less than 50 euros is possible and recommended, hand sanitizer is available, there are floor markings, limited number of people (Small shops generally don’t accept more than 1 or 2 people at a time)
  • Since the start of the pandemic, people are adviced to stop cheek kiss and handshakes and to keep 1meter social distancing. 
  • Public transport : hand sanitizer at bus and metro stops, Masks required in the stations and for the entire journey. 
  • Restaurants, cafés, when opened :  Bartenders and waiters had wear a mask. Generally in café and restaurants, no menus can circulate
  • Shops : Shops have compulsory hand-sanitizer at the entrance and a one-way path (people must follow a specific path).

Paris life and the impact of Covid-19 :

Many businesses are deeply impacted by the covid outbreak

I noticed in Paris, that some cafés haven’t reopened yet… hoping that they will reopen soon, and that some shops seem to have closed definitely. All companies linked to travel and tourism are obviously amongst the most impacted by the pandemic. Small businesses are deeply impacted more especially if they belong to tourism field (alike my business…).Peinture de L'opéra à la Belle epoque

The number of foreign tourists who usually come at summer time w very low this year. I read that in Paris there were 16 million fewer visitors since the beginning of the year.

Paris is still a lot much quieter


Place du Tertre – Montmartre – August 2020

I carry on taking the bus or the metro and walk almost every day in Paris, in many different neighborhoods, for photography, for videos and for personal reasons too. Paris is a lot much quieter, than the Paris we use to know. It’s especially noticeable in places like Montmartre; in the heart of the Latin Quarter too.  I sometime see foreign tourists but they probably come from other European countries. 

2020-08-28 - Panthéon

La Panthéon – A Sunday – August 2020

The positive side of the situation was, when museums were opened,  that you could enter the places without waiting in line, you could gaze at your favorite works of art in a relaxing atmosphere (!) even at Mona Lisa (the Gioconda). And now, if you like a very quiet street life, you’re happy !

During summer season, cafés were allowed by the City Hall to expand further than usual. So it was quite common to see tables and chairs in the middle of a street  (And some streets were closed to cars) or in the street along the pavement where cars usually parked


Saint Germain des Prés – August 2020



Montmartre – August 2020

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Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole, on Ile de la Cité, nearby Notre Dame de Paris



I would like to thank you for following my posts, photos and videos and for your very nice comments. So glad to read that you enjoy them. …

… And thank you for reading this article !

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