IMG_7228Dear FB friends and fans,

I’m not used to write you such a long message… So If you’ve got a few minutes to read it, I’d be grateful to you.

First of all, a big thanks to you all, for following my posts, photos and videos. It’s a real pleasure to keep in touch and communicate with you through FB. Thank you for your benevolence considering my English too !!

And I must say I’m so amazed to see how much, many of you love Paris. I knew that I was living in a beautiful city, but I didn’t even imagine that Paris could be so much loved before starting communicating with you. Really…

So, thank you for your love for Paris too.

DSC_8899You probably know that I have started my business « Ann Jeanne in Paris » not so long ago » and how important « Ann Jeanne in Paris » is to me. I’m working hard and I’m very enthousiastic about it. I couldn’t choose better for making a living.

… And it’s now my job ! And a very special thank to those who’ve booked a tour or a photo session with me on their visit to Paris.

I so appreciate your support in my enterprise. And it’s been such a pleasure to welcome you, to meet you and share my Paris with you and make it become your Paris too. Thanks again for your trust in me and your support. I love Paris, I love the English language, I love meeting you, taking photo of you (and of Paris !), and sharing my Paris with you…and make it become your Paris too… and « Ann Jeanne in Paris is also how I make my living » !

If you feel like seeing a Paris of the Parisians, in a different perspective, if you feel like knowing more about Paris life style, knowing those little details which make Paris what it is, and see Paris through the eyes of a native, please feel free to contact me. It’ll always be a great pleasure to welcome you.

And thanks again to you, my FB friends and fans, who keep following my posts and to all my subscribers to my blog (

                         This letter is on my blog too, in case you’d prefer to read it later !

Btw : I’m getting ready to open a bottle of champagne and will share it with you when reaching the 3000 likes on my FB page (now there are 2978 likes !).


Je vous adresse mes meilleurs pensées de Paris. I send you my best thoughts from Paris and wish you the best to you and your love ones 🙂                                                                                                                                                          Ann Jeanne